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Perhaps you are new to booking escorts or indeed new to booking with us. Here is a section which will hopefully answer all of your most regular frequently asked questions.

Are the escorts in your gallery real or do they use fake pictures?

All of the pictures of our escorts are real. We do not allow fake pictures. We hold castings regular where we meet and verify that the escort in the pictures is the escort in question.

How much notice do I need to give to see one of your escorts?

Try to give as much notice as possible. This will increase the chances of us being able to arrange your perfect date. You are more than welcome to be spontanious and call us with short notice and we will do our very best to accomodate your needs.  Although there will be a  higher chance that she will not be available.

What do I pay the escort for?

Any money exchanged for our services is exclusively for time and companionship and anything beyond these conditions is at the discretion of two consenting adults and are not part of the service for which you pay. Devilish Marbella ​does not provide any illegal services and does not take any responsibility for any further consensual activities between the two adults, the escort and the customer. Please respect the decision of the escort and bear in mind that we can have no infuence these matters.

When do I pay the escort?

The payment for each of our escorts needs to be done at the start of the meeting – within the first 5-10mins.

How can I pay the escort?

We accept cash. We also do accept bank transfers and card payments but these do have to be in our account prior to the meeting with the desired model taking place.

What does Incall / Outcall mean?

Incall means that this particular escort is able to have client meetings at her apartment, while outcall means that she can only visit you at your residence or hotel.

Why do you ask me for my name and to answer the hotel room phone, prior to my appointment?

As a security measure, we do ask for our clients full name and room number and we do need to make sure they are in the room they say they are.

Would one of your escorts, join me and my partner?

Some of our escorts are happy to work with a couple. Do call us and let us know which escort take your fancy.

Can I make dress/outfit requests?

Yes. All our escorts are keen to ensure you enjoy your time with them and will do their best to accomodate your dress/outfit requests within reason.

Can I extend a booking once it has started?

As long as the escort does not have another booking confirmed after your booking, you are more than welcome to extend your booking. We have to be fair to all prebooked clients and therefore we cannot extend bookings if another confirmed booking is already in. If you extend on an hour by hour basis the “additional hourly” rate will apply. 

Do you offer 30 minute bookings?

No. The minimum booking time is 1 hour. You are of course welcome to leave after 30 minutes but you will be charged for 1 hour.

What happens if I need to cancel a booking?

We appreciate that you lead busy lives and plans often need to change however if you have to cancel a booking please have the courtesy to call and notify us so that we can let the escort know and hopefully reschedule someone else to see them. If you fail to turn up to a booking (without having the courtesy to call to cancel!) you will be classed as a “no show” and you will be banned from booking through the agency again in the future.

I have tried to make a booking and have been told I am banned. Why?

There are several reasons why we have to ban clients from making further bookings with the Agency. These include : making a booking and failing to turn up, turning up to a booking dirty and sweaty and refusing to have a shower, turning up to a booking and immediately leaving without payment, pressuring an escort to release her personal details/contact number to you, failing to make prompt/correct payment to the escort at the start of a booking, having other people in your home/hotel when an escort arrives for an outcall booking, failing to notify reception at the time of booking that other escorts will be attending the booking, turning up at the home/hotel of an escort when you do not have an appointment to see them and being rude or abusive to the booking team and/or individual escorts.

Can you get the escort to phone me, can I have their number or real name?

We respect the escorts privacy and you should too. The reason they are featured on our site is because they enjoy the anonymity that our agency offers to them. You would not want them calling you at your home or office and you should respect their private lives too.  Pestering a escort will result in you being banned from the agency.

Do I have to pay a taxi fare if the escort visits me?

Taxi fare is applicable on all outcall bookings outside of Puerto Banus area. We will notify you the cost at the time of booking.

Why are the services at the escorts discretion?

When dealing with human emotions different days brings different reactions and what is acceptable and indeed pleasurable to the human body. Please bear in mind we have no influence over these matters. Please respect the decision of the escort.

Why do I have to give my full name while booking an outcall to my home?

If you have booked a escort for outcall service meaning you have requested a lady to meet you at your home, we will require your full name, address for verification purposes and no other reason. We will also ask for a shared WhatsApp location from the same address or a utility bill stating your address and your name.

Is this all legal?

Yes, of course, it is, as you’re not paying for sex you’re in fact paying for someone to accompany you on whatever adventure you’re going to have and to have an excellent time with. This doesn’t have to do with sexual activities at all and it is all about companionship. What happens between you and the escort is between two consenting adults and are not part of the service for which you pay. All our escorts  are  professional and very descrete as are we as a agency.

Are the escorts fee’s negotiable?

Unfortunately not, as the ladies represent themselves as well as our agency. They are professional and prices are not negotiable.

Do the agency's escorts

work voluntarily?

All the ladies available are of legal age and have agreed to offer their services voluntarily. The agency does not interfere in any way in the decisions that concern this profession, such as showing the face in photographs or performing certain services. The availability of our escorts and the time they wish to work with us is something that only they decide.

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