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HIgh end escorts puerto banus, marbella. Escort agency Puerto banus Marbella.
Devilish Marbella, escort agency
High end esort agency Marbella



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Some would say that being a escort is one of the most pleasurable jobs out there. Devilish Marbella first and foremost deliver only the highest services. We are the ones who drive the agency forward by providing exceptional experiences to our valid clients. We are always interested in adding new escorts to our team, thus improving our offer.

We pride ourselves on being the friendliest agency around, and it is paramount that our working relationships are a reflection of that. If you are a freelance escort, don´t just take our words for it. Ask us about the excellent working conditions, our obligations to you and our expectations.




Are you an experienced escort with good looks and a warm and charming personality? We would love to hear from you!



The best commision rates in Marbella.

Freelance contracts, no-pressure working relationship and a well-funded marketing. We are interested in a long-term working relationship that is based on mutual trust and respect.

Casting escorts

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  • You must be over 20 years old and be able to prove it.

  • Are you fluent in english? Well spoken?

  • Are you well toned and have a feminine figure?

  • Do you have a warm and charming personality? It´s important that people can relax and open up with you.

  • Are you honest and reliable?

  • Do you have previous escort experience?

  • Are you situated in Puerto Banus, Marbella?

  • You understand that our agency will simply only represent you and help put you in touch with clients. You are responsible for your own tax and money handling.

  • You are legally allowed to work in Spain

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